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Ground Maintenance and Landscape Services

At McDermott Contract Services we offer a comprehensive ground maintenance service to a variety of Housing associations and factoring Services throughout the west of Scotland.

McDermott Contract Services provides a detailed costing for all employment as part of the tendering process. The many elements of the job are broken down and shown as individual costs. We also provide a separate costing for exceptional or ‘one- off’ tasks that may arise within the period of the contract but have not been included as part of the initially agreed schedule of planned works.

McDermott Contract Services agrees to a schedule of planned works, time tabled according to the client’s specification. Clients are notified of any timetable alterations caused by such factors as the weather, and reports are prepared and sent to the client following each visit in order to provide evidence of the work undertaken at that point in time. 

We have a practice of providing very descriptive proposals that ensure that the nature and scope of the work are clearly understood and agreed at the outset. Contracts can be invoiced over a twelve month period to ensure costs are predictable and can be more easily factored into the clients cash flow management.

Proposals & Contracts